You may have been trying to feminize your voice for some time but have not succeeded like you thought you would. Many women give up early in their voice transition because of lack of progress. But the truth is, you may not have improved because you haven’t had the right program and you haven't been practicing in the right way.

Basic membership includes these three courses, and more!

  • Course 1: Voice Feminization Fundamentals 
  • Course 2: Beyond the Fundamentals 
  • Course 3: Mastery of Your Feminine Voice

Each course has individual lessons and specific learning objectives, exercises and material designed specifically for EvaF members’ site. Shorter “mini-mesters” round out the program between the three courses.

Basic Membership Features

  • Weekly Articles: What else would you like to know about training your voice? What else would make a difference in your mindset about the change you want to make?
  • Weekly Homework Assignments: Each week, you'll be provided with a simple transfer-of-learning assignment. You can work on your own for this assignment or with other gals in the program.
  • Ask Me Anything (monthly live webinar): Engaging with Kathe, the other instructors and each other, provides a valuable way to solidify what you're learning, what you're practicing and how to determine whether you're on-target with the training exercises.
  • Live Classes: Interact directly with Kathe when she teaches special content in a live setting via Zoom.
  • Eva Community: Find a Gal Pal with whom to practice and complete assignments.

Join the Eva Community

Live Webinars and Classes Every Month Included in Your Membership!

Basic Membership Benefits

  • Access to new learning content
  • Weekly articles and homework assignments
  • Three 12-week courses with all new content
  • Three mini courses with specialized content
  • Monthly Ask-Me-Anything live webinars
  • Eva Community access where you can engage with each other and instructors
  • Discounts for special programs and events
  • Brainstorming, goal setting, and big-picture strategy sessions where you receive high-level information, strategies, and feedback
  • Videos, homework templates and worksheets and other downloadables such as the weekly articles
  • First-to-know information, news and announcements about EvaF, events and content

Your Instructor

Co-Founder · CEO · Senior Instructor Kathe Perez

Kathe Perez is a speech pathologist specializing in the care and training of transgender voices through her private practice Exceptional Voice, Inc., since 2000.

Kathe created a mobile app and web-based learning platform to help transgender communicate with a voice that matches who they really are. She is the co-founder, CEO at VoxPop, a speech- and voice-training startup, and co-creator of Eva–the world’s first voice training mobile app for transgender people.