How to Activate All Tools of the EvaF Mobile App

EvaF 2.3.5 provides trans feminine speakers with hours of video instruction and more than 160 specific exercises over twenty individual lessons. The training tools include an especially coded pitch tuner (when the green circle alights, you know your pitch is on target), a pitch tracker (designed to fine-tune your pitch control in vocal slides and glides), a sound meter, a metronome and a voice recorder.  There are currently five available tools. The resonance analyzer is in development and is targeted to be released in 2020.

Each Eva lesson is purchased individually ($4.99 each lesson, iOS and $79.99, Android, for the whole program). The sample lesson is free. 

The 20 lessons of the Voice Feminization Fundamentals course provide everything you need to get started with your voice. It is a structured program and to fully get everything you need for you voice, you’ll work with all twenty lessons. Some of the tools on the “Tools” page only activate when you’ve purchased specific lessons. 

These training tools become available for use when specific lessons have been purchased. 

Pitch Tuner: 
Free with the download of the app and free sample lesson.

Pitch Tracker: 
Activates with the purchase of the three Pitch lessons (Lessons, 02, 03, 04 and 05).

Voice Recorder: 
Activates with the purchase of the Articulation lessons (Lessons 11 and 12)

Sound Meter: 
Activates with the purchase of the Loudness lessons (Lessons 13 and 14).

Activates with the purchase of the Phrasing or Pacing lessons (Lessons 15 and 16).

Resonance Analyzer: 
Not available yet, but will be tied to Lessons 08, 09, 10 (Resonance1-Bright Focus, Resonance2-Round, and Resonance3-Mixed Voice)

Primary and secondary tools are used in many in-lesson exercises. Primary Tools are used within a lesson in the self-guided exercises. Secondary Tools are found on the "Tools" page.

Kathe Perez and Annika Kappenstein are co-founders and co-creators of Eva (Exceptional Voice App), an iOS and Android mobile app. Eva offers transgender people the solution to their voice struggles in a unique interactive voice-coaching application that provides voice feminization (EvaF) and voice masculinization (Eva FtM) training.