Ten Tips for Taking Care of Your Voice

Learn about dryness, throat clearing, correct breathing, and more!

Interesting Facts About Breathing

How many times per minute do you take a breath? How much air fits into your lungs? Learn interesting facts about one of the things you always do and rarely are aware of.

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Tool Activation Guide

Find out how to activate all the stand-alone tools in the Eva F Mobile App

Motivation: Perceived Difficulty

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed that we never take the first step. Learn how you can change your mindset!

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Voice Feminization Fundamentals Course Syllabus

A place to familiarize yourself with the structure and learning objectives of our Voice Feminization Fundamentals course

Using Meditation Techniques to Feminize Your Voice

Master your voice feminization techniques and finally have the voice you’ve dreamed you could have by using these guided relaxation and kinesthetic anchoring techniques!